Will eCommerce Website Development Services Ever Rule the World?

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eCommerce Website Development Services

Will eCommerce website development services ever rule the world? It’s no surprise that people frequently enquire about the future of e-commerce website development services, as it is a massive industry. 

eCommerce website development is the process of improving your eCommerce website’s technical aspects, such as how it works, accepts payments, responds to user actions, and how it looks. However, as technology advances and companies compete for a larger slice of the pie, e-commerce is an industry that is constantly evolving and upgrading. 

eCommerce Website Development in the Past

There is a rich history of transformations that the eCommerce industry has gone through. From the advent of artificial intelligence, Google started taking user experience into account for website rankings, the eCommerce industry has been affected at every stage of the revolution.  While most retail sectors remain the same, a majority of retailers got impressed with digital features and made a shift.

We must say that the past of eCommerce has been all about addressing cyber & data securities, customer experience, look and feel. eCommerce website development in India was primarily focused on functionalities, but modern eCommerce needs are different – way beyond traditional methodologies.

eCommerce Website Development Today

You could say that the internet, the omnipresence of mobile devices, and custom-made applications have changed our purchasing habits. In addition, many customers enjoy the convenience, ease, and personalized approach that online shopping provides.

With the availability of smartphones in almost every hand and the protocols implemented worldwide because of pandemics, eCommerce websites are gaining popularity and usability like never before. Therefore, eCommerce website development today is a significant process that needs complete attentiveness and eCommerce businesses must follow the current trends to match the evolving demand of the industry. 

As a leading eCommerce website development company, PixelMatrix Solutions leverages the best tools and techniques. Combining our development expertise and tech stack, we build highly responsive and engaging eCommerce websites. Gauge through the trends, we incorporate as a premier eCommerce website development company.

Upcoming Trends In eCommerce Website Development

Followings are some of the latest trends that will keep the eCommerce website development alive in the coming years. 

  • AI-enabled Site Searches

We have seen how customer experience has taken centre stage in the past few years. eCommerce website owners have been trying to put navigation menus everywhere on the website. Smooth navigation is crucial for having a highly-recommended user experience, but it should be done strategically.

With designers, who have already started working on animated navigation menus, all ordinary eCommerce navigation techniques seem to have been discontinued. In 2022, we will see a new stream of AI-enabled site searches gaining popularity. It will streamline the user journey and developers can easily integrate this with highly compatible APIs.

  • Interactive Animated UIs Will Take Centre Stage

This year, we will see a more creative approach to showcase the products with appealing animated features. Currently, most web designers are using cosmetic effects and other components, but they will soon make a shift to animated web UIs.

It will aid in creating a more immersive customer experience, zoom into product details and revamp the product display to build fantastic web page transitions.

  • Smart Content For Better Experience

The increased popularity of web applications seems to pave a better path for mobile-centric eCommerce website development services. As far as cross-device compatibility is concerned, smart content will address this issue. Currently, most web developers are using lazy loading and similar approaches to tackle this, but this will give a better escape to this. 

Smart content load is among the most awaited UI trends to boost eCommerce website development speed.

  • Contextual Advertising Will Be On Rising

Online ads have transformed so much over the past years, mainly for the eCommerce industry. With the rise of contextual and programmatic advertising, we are certain about a few changes in eCommerce website development in India.

While this new trend comes in handy for the eCommerce owners to target a large audience, context advertising will demand eCommerce website development companies upgrade their resources.

  • AR and VR For Better Product Visualization

With Apple and Google introducing AR Kit and AR Core respectively, there is space for Augmented and virtual reality in the eCommerce industry as well. This year, we will see a rise in eCommerce owners adopting AR/VR to ensure better product display and visualisation.

With real-time interactions, augmented reality and virtual reality together will create a better online shopping experience like a physical store.

  • M-commerce (Mobile Commerce)

As per the data, there will be around 7.26 billion mobile internet users in the world by 2025. With mobile becoming a preferred medium to access websites and apps, thinking about the mobile experience is crucial for eCommerce website development companies.

As more and more eCommerce developers are coming up with unique approaches to simplify mobile-centric e-Commerce development, it will keep eCommerce websites alive for the next two to three decades.

  • AI-powered Chatbots

We have been using chatbots for a few years now, and for all the good reasons. As it stands, the future of eCommerce website development lies in technology, chatbots and personal assistants will be the foundation stones of this transformation.

If the eCommerce industry adopts these trends, it is vital that the figure of eCommerce website development in India will be bright and thriving.

Future of eCommerce Web Development Today

We’ve entered the digital age, where whatever we desire is just a click or a tap away and is delivered to our doors at our convenience. The eCommerce industry had a terrific year in 2020, with global revenue exceeding USD 4.28 trillion, and is expected to reach $6.54 trillion by the end of 2023. Talking about the growth in the eCommerce industry, these numbers are enough to predict what’s about to come.

More and more businesses will put their products online to showcase and trade in the upcoming years. Therefore, eCommerce website development services will be in high demand. Although, they must have to be adaptable enough to suit all sorts of mobile devices. 

eCommerce website development in India is also predicted to grow significantly, as online merchants now have a variety of eCommerce platforms to choose from while beginning web development for eCommerce. This variety has left newcomers perplexed as to which platform to use: Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and so on. Each forum has its own set of benefits, and there are no hard and fast rules about which is the best.

PixelMatrix Solutions is a trusted eCommerce website development company that implements best practises to ensure highly scalable, interactive UIs and value-driven eCommerce websites.

Bottom Line

There is no denying that technology is rapidly changing, and it is an excellent stimulator for the eCommerce industry’s diversification and progress. As a result, incorporating current technical developments into your online store helps ensure success.