What is WordPress Web Development and How Does it Help?

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WordPress Web Development

For startups and emerging businesses who require personalized, high-performance websites, seeking assistance from a professional WordPress web development company is the right choice.

Perhaps the most powerful content management system globally, WordPress empowers nearly 34% of all the websites over the internet. Above all, WordPress has around 60.8% shares in the CMS market and powers 14.7% of the world’s leading websites.

Since it is an open-source program, allowing people to customize and tweak it freely. This is the feature that makes WordPress a preferred choice for developers. Moreover, bloggers, small businesses, and even fortune 500 companies use WordPress because it is highly flexible and has the most user-friendly content management system.

What are the Roles of a WordPress Developer?

A WordPress Developer is someone who primarily works on WordPress web design and builds web applications. They bring years of experience across diverse industries and a thorough understanding of its various programming languages.

However, building and managing an in-house WordPress development team might not be possible for small businesses or those looking for fixed-budget solutions; that’s where we help.

When you hire WordPress developers from a professional WordPress website development company, they would be responsible for;

  • Developing and customizing WordPress Plugins and Themes
  • Developing codes and troubleshooting WordPress issues
  • Developing Front end and Back end of the website
  • Designing the structure of the website
  • Conducting A/B test sessions
  • Working in close coordination with the team and client to build interactive and high-performance WordPress websites
  • Closely monitor website performance and maintenance
  • Enhance the flexibility of the WordPress platform

How Can WordPress Development Increase Your Profit!

Where are you living in an age where your online presence matters a lot. Even if your business is doing pretty well, investing in a robust and high-performance website can help you reach out to a broader audience, increase revenue and gain a competitive edge.

WordPress is a platform where you can build a website without spending a single penny. Moreover, it is easy to customize and handle. A well-thought-out WordPress Development can trigger your success and boost your revenue. Here’s how developing your WordPress site can increase your sales.

  • Increased Productivity

WordPress websites are very inexpensive and easy to maintain. If you have a good domain and hosting provider, you can enjoy uninterrupted services with less wear and tear. Moreover, there are plenty of WordPress plugins to simplify WordPress maintenance. It leads to no or minimal downtime streaming your operations and strengthening your productivity.

  • Strengthened SEO Campaign

SEO is integral for any online business, but it is hard to handle if you’re not good at it. WordPress is a platform that allows you to build SEO-friendly websites through ready-to-use plugins. With WordPress, you don’t need to stress about Search Engine Optimization anymore. Its plugins will take care of everything, from content to on-page optimization, so you can focus on strengthening marketing and other efforts.

  • Enhanced Advertising Efforts

WordPress helps businesses empower their advertising and marketing efforts across multiple digital channels. It provides easy integration with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to expand your reach and increase website traffic. WordPress comes with a pre-installed CMS that allows you to run ads on your page as per your preferences or targeted audience.

  • Easy Social Media Integration

Since WordPress is highly customizable, you can add social media channels or integrate the content on your own. Also, you can enable content sharing across different social media platforms. WordPress comes to easy-to-integrate features so you can connect your website or blog to Facebook, Instagram, or other social networking platforms.

  • Better Security

Though no website or software is completely safe, WordPress is far better than most of its types. WordPress’s infrastructure is one of the best infrastructures with built-in security plugins. Moreover, easy updates, customizable themes, and plugins make it safer than many other platforms.

Let’s admit that no CMS is 100% safe from hackers. But, a professional WordPress development company can roll out the best practices to secure your WordPress website.

Why Do You Need to Hire WordPress Development Company

When upgrading your WordPress website with the latest trends, you always look for WordPress website development companies to ensure quality services. Since WordPress is a widely used Content Management System, the possibilities are needless; you just need to find the right company to meet your needs.

If you wonder why you need to hire a development company, here are some benefits you should know.

  • High-quality Work

Though WordPress is highly intuitive, robust, and customizable, it can be challenging to build a professional WordPress without expert assistance.

That’s where you should count on professional WordPress web development companies for fast and high-quality development services.

  • Time-efficient

Website development is a laborious process, which means you will need resources to speed up your website creation. Since building an in-house WordPress web development team can be expensive and time-consuming, partnering with a development company is the best choice. Leveraging agile methodologies and huge teams, they can streamline the overall WordPress web development process.

  • Cost-saving

When you partner with a WordPress development company, you can be assured of quality services at competitive rates. They reduce overheads spent on in-house teams and resources to finish a project within budget.

  • Minimal Risk

Any investment brings a certain risk. If you are embarking on a WordPress web development project, you can eliminate the risk of data loss and development failure by hiring a WordPress development company India.


WordPress is a preferred platform to build CMS and business websites. If you are building a blogging website, it exceeds other platforms. With the ease of flexibility and personalization, you can design a website that is SEO-friendly and highly customizable.

However, you will need to hire a WordPress web development company because the costs can be high for enterprise-level development. With PixelMatrix, you get access to a professional WordPress Development team having expertise in CMS, Theme, Plugin, and 360 WordPress development services.